Our Education Director

Moshe Ben-Lev

Originally from London, UK, Moshe moved to Israel in 1983 where he served in the Israel Defense Forces and received his Bachelors degree from the University of Haifa in Biblical Archeology and English. Moshe moved to the U.S with his wife and completed his Masters degree in Jewish Studies.

Moshe received a Jewish day school education and was very involved in the Reform Movement in England becoming its first representative to Netzer Olami, the Israeli Reform movement.

Having been trained as a youth worker and then having taught for several years in various Jewish settings in Israel, UK, and U.S, Moshe feels very strongly that Jewish education is all about, "Creating opportunities to connect students of all ages, needs, and backgrounds, Judaically".

Moshe has created a curriculum in our K-12 grade that incorporates the educational concept of a Spiral Curriculum with the five main pillars of Judaic learning; Ethics/God talk, Torah, Israel, the Jewish festivals, and Jewish history. "The goal of our educational program is to educate the whole child, enabling each child to learn at his/her own pace while using building blocks to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of the materials."

Being inclusive, enabling every child regardless of his/her learning styles to receive a first class Jewish education is what Moshe strives for with his team of dedicated, motivated, and outstanding faculty.

Moshe strongly believes in creating experiential learning experiences. Creative, dynamic, out-of-box instruction is what he strives for in his philosophical approach to Jewish education.

Please contact Moshe Ben-Lev directly for more information:
Moshe Ben-Lev 703-437-7733